Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Full Figured Ladies & High Heels

To wear or not to wear... that is the question.

So, your wondering whether or not you should purchase those 4 inch stilletos online, and whether or not you'll look good in them. You've probably heard people talk about full figured women wearing stilletos, and how they effectively achieved the cow on stilts look. You weren't going for that look? Good.

Here are some tips to finding the right heel:

  • Start off small, don't rush into the taller heels, if you have never worn a heel before.
  • Make sure you try on a similar pair in person, before buying one online. 
  • Try a thicker heel, a good heel that matches many women is one that is about an inch or two thick.
    • (Trust me, size matters)
  • Try your hand at some gel inserts for your toes.
    • (The heavier you are, the more pressure you will be putting on your toes)
  • Don't give up!
    • ( Finding the perfect heel can be love at first sight, or can take awhile, no matter how you find "the one", make sure you keep on trying.)
  • Be Comfortable!!!
    • (I cannot stress this enough! If you are not comfortable in a heel, you will not like it, and you will probably end up hurting yourself. This leads you back to step one: Start Small.)

Here are a few plus size heels on the market:

Here's The Link:


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